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RORC race Cowes-Cherbourg, not 1st, nor 2nd, nor 3rd but only 8th in IRC-4 Class

September 12, 2019

This would become our last race in 2019. Crew: Leen, Geoff Sinton, Pieter K, Jan Maarten, Alexander, myself. Race of only 70 Nm.

The wind dropped in the last hours prior to our start and we started with G1. Within one minute to the start the tack-Tylaska of G1 loosened itself from the deck and since no one knew exactly what happened it was a kind of mini chaos at the start. Jan-Maarten got the Tylaska fixed again and though we had not the best start of the season as a result of this issue, we got away reasonably well (fortunately the line was clear) and were within the three first boats of classes IRC-3 and IRC-4 at the Needles including W36 Hubo of Erik van Vuuren. Classes IRC-4 and IRC-3 started at the same time.

Still on the Solent, close to Hurst Castle

When passing the Needles Light House we did bear away and it became time to think of hoisting S-2 but (alike in the Fastnet Race) we were not sure if this would be safe or not. Moreover we all of a sudden realised that our foredeck crew, quite experienced on Winsome since 1997, had never sailed with our carbon fibre mast and rigging and that made us hesitating even more to hoist the S-2. The result was that we did not hoist it for the time being.

After some three hours we hoisted S-2 but unfortunately the spi-boom was hoisted erroneously (middle of the night ..) on a piece of elastic, which later on broke and only then we realised what had happened.

In the meantime the JPKs got away from us with their A-sails. We never did see Pomeroy Swan -not using their AIS- so they must have missed the RORC instructions ‘all boats are required to have their AIS transceivers switched on and able to transmit and receiving .. ‘ etc. Next time we will be obliged to protest them (see Jury verdict Sydney-Hobart Race 2018).

During all the hours sailing without S-2 the other boats did run away from us with at least 1 knot speed difference so that Foggy Dew had an advantage of one hours upon arrival in Cherbourg. Even Longue Pierre managed to squeeze in front of us but since she did not moore next to Winsome we had no more damage from her like we had in St Malo.

As a result of this pretty bad score we became only 4th in the overal year competition for IRC-4 Class. Next year we will sail, unfortunately, without Foggy Dew since Noël Racine is going to sell her and replace her with another JPK boat and will then race in IRC-3 Class. Nevertheless we will miss you Noël!

In Cherbourg we went to Sophie’s house in Morsalines and after the prize giving we had to do some work on the farm. Look how well Pieter Köhne has been performing.

This was the end of our 2019 season. Thanks to the crew and everyone who assisted, directly of indirectly.

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