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19-20 November. Cartagena-Port of Spain. Tenth leg 870 Nm, totalling 4.280 Nm.

November 21, 2018

Cartagena felt immediately very nice and it is hard to believe that in the years I regularly visited Venezuela, the neighbouring country Colombia was too dangerous to even consider visiting. That must have been now some 15 to 20 years ago. Now the situation is the opposite and we found it very pleasant to be here. Of course the presence of Silvio, once my Spanish teacher -now friend- made it more special.

He had kept his special character, started singing on the street whenever there was music so it was quite fun to be with him in Cartagena.

Let’s go to the Café Havana

Café Havana Cartagena with life music…

Dinner with Silvio

shot in (clean) old city of Cartagena

In lack of much to report, I will make now each Monday, starting 19th, a Pilatypus Journal, writing about events taken place in my resp. native countries:

Pilatypus Journal
17 Nov birthday of my mother, who died nearly two years ago, and would or should really have turned 96 now

17 Nov Laura Dillon received two prices at the RORC dinner in London

18 Nov As a result of a ‘cicatrice’ on my face, I cannot shave myself for the time being. I will you know how it growed in the next Journal. It looks it will be as white as my hair on top of my scalp

19 Nov I did receive another invoice for PIKSBORG, but did not dare to open it.

19 Nov Deborah McIrvine came out of hospital

Our hotel Movich was very nice indeed, but as a result of noise outside our room it scored only 6 on our list, without the noise it would have scored at least 8.

Checkout at Hotel Movich, Cartagena

Sophie’s impressions of Cartagena here below:

We dropped Silvio at the commercial airport, but not after we promised to be back and visit the next time also Medellin, the 10 million tons El Peñon de Guatape rock and Bogota, which we did without hesitation.

Prior to our departure we had a Customs check in other words all our luggage had to be taken out of the a/c and passed through the scanners. A simple operation since not a single bag had to be opened.

3 hours needed to cross Venezuela from West to East. We flew in ine straight line at 700 Nm North of the equator.

finally we found a hole in the clouds over Venezuela

just passing the border from Columbia to Venezuela
Photo made especially for Andres Sadde

descending towards Tobago

anywhere over cloudy Venezuela

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17-18 November. Nassau Bahamas and Nassau-Cartagena. Nineth leg 946 Nm, totalling 3.410 Nm (23% of entire voyage)

November 18, 2018

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