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My double life in France

August 23, 2021

Most people following my webpage, believe I am sailor and a pilot, but not so many know that I am leading a double life in France since a couple of years.

In this case I became appointed two years as “le Président” de l’Association de Protection de la Baie de Morsalines et Cul de Loup [APBMCL] and even before we were sure being able to sail this Fastnet Race, we agreed to have the Assemblée Générale 2021 on Friday 13 August at 18:00.

We finished that very same day at 09:01 so well in time for my speech and four discussions, but I must confess that the other Adminstrateurs prepared the meeting very well.

To give you an idea about my other secret life, here some photographs of our Assemblée Générale 2021 held at the premises of Sophie in Morsalines in Normandy some 30 km the port of Cherbourg.

If you never understood why the finish of the Fastnet Race was changed to Cherbourg, you know it now

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Looking back

August 18, 2021

The entire crew is home, that is to say except for me and Boj (in France). Winsome is nicely moored at Port Chantereyne in Cherbourg. Batteries being charged whilst typing this blog at the marina restaurant L’EQUIPAGE. The winter home for Winsome this time Will be in Caen. In October we will still have to […]

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The second news over a relatively difficult time on board

August 12, 2021

Well our mechanically gifted Leen and Richard succeeded to install a too large distribution belt on the engine by changing the position of the alternator. Unbelievable what they achieved in only on hour! So we could continue to use electricity and in particular our navigation lights in the following night, Monday. Another problem occurred and […]

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