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August 17, 2019

On the last we needed to make sure that ELAINE AGAIN would not become 1st, since in that case we would have -after a discart- same points. We would be ranked 2nd since ELAINE AGAIN had one more 1st day score than WINSOME.

If we sailed or not, really did not matter for our score, as long as ELAINE AGAIN would not become 1st. The best solution would be that WINSOME would the 1st in the last race.

With this in mind we went on the water. Wind 14-17 knots i.e. G2 with a start to the West.

We sailed the boat to her maximum and arrived at each and every buoy as first boat. The last leg however was a 5 Nm down wind with 24-28 knots and we were passed both by ELAINE AGAIN and TONTIN PUPS.

It all would not have mattered if either TONTIN PUPS or MALICE, or any other boat in our Class, would have become 1st, since in that case we would have won our Regatta. MALICE looked doing the job until she had to take her spinnaker down for a while and that sealed our fate. Well done Mike Bridges.

It turned that our start was just a bit too sharp so we had an OCS [Other Course Side, meaning we were over the line), look at the photo were you just can see that WINSOME was half the length of her fore deck over the line.

It was wonderfull race in terms of boat handling. We kept the boat on the water and our gybes were excellent (mind you in 24-28 knots!).

First ten places only

Next year we will try it again.

Our last off shore race this year will be Cowes-Cherbourg 7th of September deciding over our score in the RORC Championship 2019.

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Up for the final

August 15, 2019

Two races to go and we are leading our class. However, we are far from out of the woods. A first would make us win the series, so that was our goal. We started with the tide agains us from 25% up from the Committee boat end. Yesterday we had the start of the week, […]

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Cowes Week – Day 5 , Wednesday 14th August 2019

August 14, 2019

We started this 4th day of racing at Cowes Week as overall leader in our class and very anxious to defend or maybe even extend our lead, although we have strong competitors. We succeeded in this in a , what proved to be,  quite exciting race.We sailed out of the Medina river to the Solent […]

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