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13 November. Sixth leg Goose Bay-Montreal QU 747 Nm, totalling 2.155 Nm

November 14, 2018

Preparing PH-PNG at Goose Bay

Fortunately our handling agent Irving had managed to park Pilatypus in an hanger some three hours prior to our arrival. It made our start of the day quite agreable.

Departure at Goose Bay CYYR

No problem with start or take off. The flight started with a tailwind of 7 knots, which changed into a headwind of more than 110 knots, so our GS came close to that of a Cessna 182T with smooth weather. Later on the weather became turbulent at FL180, so we requested FL200 and that changed everything. The penalty we paid was an even slower GS. Dutch people use sometimes Johan Cruyff’s expression ‘ieder voordeel heb z’n nadeel’

After departure at GOOSE BAY direction Sept Iles

The airtemperature at FL200 was only -37 degrees C. versus -51 yesterday at FL280. The strong headwinds turned a three hours flight into four hours. The strongest winds we found over Sept Iles QU.

Direction Sept Iles

Though a substantial part of our flight went right over the St Lawrence River, we never got a glimpse of her.

We landed at Montreal St Hubert. Michiel de Haan arrived at Montreal Dorval by KLM the previous day, in order to join us to Nassau Bahamas via Virginia.

Montreal CYHU

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