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WINSOME retired from Rolex Middle Sea Race 2014, all crew and ship are safe at Pantelleria

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AAM CW 2014 – Day 7

Today we had the final day of Cowes Week 2014. Unfortunately, due to light winds, there was no racing again today. The final 3 days of Cowes Week 2014 were not very good for Winsome – Black Wednesday due to Winsome’s OCS and then no racing on Thursday or Friday. We learnt today that we were 1 second […]

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AAM CW 2014 – Day 6

Today was a day of waiting! Winsome was on the water at 9am to get ready for hopefully a better day of racing, after Black Wednesday yesterday, when we got an OCS (On course side). After yesterday, we decided to develop a checklist of things we should do every morning, when we go out on […]

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