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Round the Island Race 2014

Purpose of this evaluation is to learn from the Round the Island Race experience and do better in Cowes Week. As I’ve written it down, why not put it on the site so our RtIR crew and others can comment on it. Please feel free to do so. Kind regards, Boj Crew: Harry – Nav […]

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WINSOME in progress

Just to keep you informed; WINSOME is in Berthon’s Boat Wellness center. Have a look at the work at the hull, the toe rail and the mast. Somehow apparently Keith has managed to find WINSOME’s secret jewellery. In the mean time Carl, Jan and co are busy working out optimal preparation of the safety gear […]

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Annual crew party, 6 April, 16:00 ECT, PHL 5

Dear All, WINSOME’s annual crew party will take place on Sunday 6 April 2014. Guests are welcome from 16:00 at the Prins Hendriklaan 5, Amsterdam. At present WINSOME is shaping up with her usual team at Berthon’s. It would be great tot celebrate the Old Ladies 42nd birthday with a toast on the 2014 season. […]

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