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Winsome on the Rocks

Monday must be “Winsome on the Rocks” Day. You may have heard of the famous incident of “Jameson on the Rocks”, which was a famous Irish sailing boat that ended up on the Gurnard Ledge rocks during the Admiral’s Cup in 1993 – – well now we are not quite as famous but we […]

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Almost a perfect day

Sunday 5th August; Race 2 As the race committee had information from the weather goddesses (whom we would actually meet later that day) that the wind would be dying in the afternoon, they set out a short course. We had almost a perfect start at the Bramble starting line, a beat towards our first mark; […]

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Cowes Week – Day 1 – Sunny Snakes and Ladders Saturday

Saturday 4thAugust was the 1stday of Lendy Cowes Week 2018. Following our class win and 3rdoverall in the Black Group in Cows Week 2017, expectations by the Winsome crew are high for 2018! As per Herman’s blogs, we had 2 great days of training prior to Cowes Week and the Winsome crew was very excited […]

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