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Winsome’s Wednesday – 5th Day of Lendy Cowes Week

Today was another great day for Winsome and the Winsome crew, with another 1st, including both line honours and first on corrected time. We were delighted as the winning margin today, was our largest yet and we won by over 6 minutes despite the race being less than 2 hours. The divers came this morning […]

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3rd day Lendy Cowes Week 2017

After having sailed very well in the first two days of this Cowes week, we knew it would take hard work to copy the two first places we scored until now. Weather forecast was perfect, promising a sunny day with wind 15-19 knots. So no massive rain like yesterday! The no.2 genua was very well […]

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Lendy Cowes Week 2017 – Day 2

Following yesterday’s excellent result, we were all keen on getting another good result in today. Whereas yesterday was a day of little breeze, winds for today were forecasted to be between 18-22 knots. Our start was on the fixed line at the Bramble end, near the Williams Shipping buoy. It was indeed breezy out on the Solent […]

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