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RORC Channel Race 2018 – “Stick to the plan”

After a few very warm days in Western Europe, Winsome’s crew met on Friday the 27th of July for the RORC Channel Race: Harry, Leen, Boj, Caroline, Dirk-Jan, Ed, Frits and Lennard. Boj and Lennard arrived late on Friday afternoon, while the others who arrived earlier had prepared Winsome in the afternoon. We had a […]

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RtIR 2018; ‘Easy guys, One by One’

Although this quote was brought to us by a Port gybed fellow competitor looking at Starboard gybed WINSOME like a deer caught in headlights, it was very applicable for this race. We sailed RtIR 2018 with: Harry, Leen, Laura, Peter Morton, Nijhoff, Heikens, Lennard, Floris and myself. Sunday and Wednesday before the race I tried […]

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End of Cowes Week 2017 and Beginning of Fastnet 2017

Cowes Week 2017 is now finished. We all had a great week and well done to the Winsome Cowes Week 2017 Crew. Harry did an excellent job navigating us around the Solent, Leen doing mainsheet, Boj doing tactics and pitt, Joost and DJ trimming, Joost N on mast, Herman and Joost grinding and helping with trim, […]

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