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Changing from horizontal to vertical aerodynamics

Winsome’s Race Programm 2018 This is a preliminary schedule for Winsome 2018. It is too early now to ask for entries, on the other hand it does not harm if you would already indicate now which races you could consider and would like to participate. Please call Boj or me for consultation, questions or remarks. […]

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1 December 26th leg LSZL-ELLX (Luxemburg) fuel and 27th leg ELLX-EHBD (Budel) 435 Nm

Our last flight(s) to bring us home. Urs had to leave his home (Locarno) again to bring us home (Budel) before he could stay home finally. The departure at Locarno and the flight over Switzerland were much better than we had expected. departing Locarno – over the Swiss Alps At Luxemburg Urs prepared ourselves for […]

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30 November. 25th leg LBWN-LSZL (Locarno) 887 Nm

To finish the story of Michiel’s voyage from Schiphol to Varna: he took off from Schiphol but within half an hour the a/c started  her descent. Clearly something was wrong. A lady sitting right behind Michiel did not feel well and alarmed the crew. The pilot decided to land in Frankfurt. In spite of this […]

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