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Harry Heijst

Wednesday and Thurday’s changing fortunes

Wednesday race started with very very light winds sending the boats from the RYS startline to the West i.e. passing the usual bottleneck of Spit Lepe. We managed to do that quite well and we went so far -in the double meaning of it- that we hit two times the bottom but got free very […]

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Winsome back in the race

This has been a victorious day for Winsome so this note has been added after a couple of victory drinks on behalf of the crew, skipper and mighty Aeolus….After a rainy morning, we prepared for starting under perfect english summer condition: 10 knots of wind and delicious fresh rainy sky. Conditions fit to wash away […]

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3rd day with many navigator’s mistakes

Monday did not turn out to be a good day for WINSOME. After a relatively good start at the pin end of the RYS start line, where we made maximum efforts to have a real starting line on the computerscreen including the position of the Committee Boat, we lost place when WINSOME appeared locked i.e. […]

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