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Four strangers in Cairns

Today we took a flight to Cairns knowing that the paint job in Brisbane is in very good hands. We arrived at noon and started right away for a trip by cable and by train over mountainous and wilderness terrain. We felt like tourist doing the trip Volendam to Marken but so it be, we […]

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The continuing story of Winsome’s repairs at Brisbane

In order to kill some time we have visited Byron Bay, the most Easterly point of Australia. Looking at the map they may be correct. See photographs taken. The next day we visited Binna Burra, an almost exotic place high in the mountains. We tried to photograph some small Kangeroos. See photo’s (or to follow) […]

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I have arrived Brisbane…

I have arrived Brisbane on Thursday midnight. Today Friday we have had a look at Winsome now under repairs at Rivergate Marina. When leaving the dock a couple of days ago, the tide took Winsome and helmsman by surprise and created a small collision with some heavy steel pillars. A couple of dents in the […]

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