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Harry Heijst

Peter Morton came to say good-bye to us for a race he had planned to Crew.

Though we had promised other each other to make a conservatieve start, were less than two metres from the start line. Look how we can observe ánd control our own start. On the other hand we kept our promise to start with G-4. That was no luxury with 30 knots of wind. We came out […]

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The first day of sailing with Winsome since the Rolex Fastnet Race 2019

Just after we decided to leave Cherbourg on Saturday 09:00 we learned that 40 knots wind could be expected in the afternoon. It took us no more than five minutes to decide that we would leave four hours earlier i.e. at 05:00 with following time schedule 03:45 getting up, leaving Sophie’s small paradise at 04:00 […]

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The last Not sailing day, we think

Another day with bad weather, which we used to accomplish the last outstanding issues on WINSOME. Our day started in Cherbourg looking for a new kettle. No success, all kettles were turned down by le Chef de Cuisine Floris. Tomorrow we will make the crossing to Cowes. 20 to 25 knots wind from the West. […]

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