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26 November. Day libero in Rio de Janeiro.

Our day was planned to pay a visit to the famous Roberto Burle Marx garden. It was indeed very very special as you will see from the photo’s taken by Urs and Sophie here below After our garden visit I paid a visit with Tom Heineman to his local barber shop. last moments -already in […]

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25 November. Brasilia-Rio de Janeiro. Fourteenth leg 530 Nm, totalling 7.319 Nm.

Flight preparation in the ICARO hangar at Brasilia SBBR Before we started I tried to make a chart INDS upload, but failed. We had no visibility anymore at perhaps 500’ above ground and that lasted until 30 minutes prior to our arrival in Rio de Janeiro. descending towards Rio It was not a pleasant flight, […]

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Thirteenth leg. Manaus-Brasilia 1.131 Nm, totalling 6.789 Nm

We stayed in the same hotel as in 2011, but this time we had to walk 0,5 Nm to get into our rooms. Bad Wifi connections, which is for us reason No. 1 not to use this hotel (or any other hotel) anymore. We had a nice dinner during which I used Google Translator. The […]

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