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Winsome, no progress, no decline

All is looking fairly well at the moment. Winsome’s Cottage is being prepared by Jackie. She will have more time for us than in previous years, thanks to a change in her family life. She will be happy to tell you about it. Our Winsome door is looking fine according to JJ of RYS Office. […]

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2019 season will start very soon now

Boj has published last week our updated program for races and crew, Version A.9 so please send him your comments or corrections, if any. Before WINSOME will be launched, SKVETTEN  will be launched in Morsalines. Fortunately it was Leen who strapped her professionally on the trailer. I drove her yesterday with Sophie behind her extremely […]

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13 December. Twenty-seventh and twenty-sixth leg. Budel-Locarno-Budel 852Nm, totalling 20.383Nm

Regular readers of our blogs, must have seen that the total Nautical Miles of 20.883 are not in line with the 16.673 in our last blog. I have made some errors during this trip in my calculations and omitted moreover the legs Budel-Locarno-Budel. However we should all be content, it were mistakes in calculations for […]

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