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6 December. Twenty-first leg. San José-Georgetown, Grand Cayman Islands. 605 Nm, totalling 11.633 Nm

In thus stage of our trip, the server in Holland crashed and it took Professor Köhne some days to get his server functional and one or two days more to trace memory which looked lost initially. Therefore I could not write my blogs anymore on a daily basis and my homework started piling up, since […]

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5 December, Day libero in San José, Costa Rica

Ghostwriting again! We had a free day in San José, Costa Rica, around 1000m high, beautiful setting among mountains and active volcanos. We stayed in a charmant old hotel in the center of the city. From there, we walked in the morning through the very lively «old» town, San José, along the streets The opera […]

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4 December. Twentieth leg. Iquitos-San José, Costa Rica. 1.157 Nm, totalling 11.028 Nm.

This would become our longest legs on this trip, until now. Our total of 11.028 Nm until now looks not so much, considering that our totally calculated distance would be 20.772 Nm so perhaps I made a mistake in one or more calculations. Do not believe we have any time left (for instance to check […]

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