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17-18 November. Nassau Bahamas and Nassau-Cartagena. Nineth leg 946 Nm, totalling 3.410 Nm (23% of entire voyage)

We were happy being received by a laughing big-mama and by a bigger-mama Custom Officer, who gave us all four a stamp in our passports and said welcome to the Bahamas. good morning Bahamas The hotel we stayed in Colonial Hilton must have been fantastic 100 year ago, but was now going down rapidly. In […]

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16 November. Newport News VA-Nassau Bahamas. Eight leg 762 Nm, totalling 2.464 Nm.

Our Lodge at Newport News, Virginia After our good sleep and excellent breakfast at The Lodge, we were happy to start a new day and forget all what happened before we could enter the holy land. We were picked up by Atlantic FBO and found the a/c in good shape except for a missing cover […]

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14 November Montreal QU. 15 November Montreal-Newport News. Seventh leg 552 Nm, totalling 2.707 Nm.

Though Michiel stayed in the same hotel, he rented the entire upper floor. Urs stayed in the hotel to work away his backlog. Sophie and I visited that day Guy Lequient and his wife Nicole in Sutton close to USA border. Visit to Guy Lequien in Sutton We had a very nice time and of […]

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