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The longest RtIR, ever…

June 29th 2019, a date set for one of the most spectacular sailing events: The Round the Island Race. The idea is simple, you get on a yacht and after starting go counterclockwise around the Isle of Wight and finish where you started. The weather briefing the day before promised us light winds and a […]

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2019 season is starting to take shape

Leen, Dirk-Jan and Harry have already been up to Lymington and brought Winsome to her berth in Cowes. Pier View is open again and the weather is making a turn for the better. Brexit has been postponed so no worries about getting on the island or long queues for customs, yet. To be continued late […]

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WINSOME programme 2019

2019 is yet a few days old, time to think about sailing. WINSOME’s agenda for 2019 is now on the site.

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