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Joost Heikens

Start of a new season

WINSOME is momentarily in the shed, safely protected from the elements. In the meantime work is done on her to get her back into race mode for upcoming season. One of the changes being made is that as of this season we will be sailing with new navigation hard-, and software. In January we went […]

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Credits to Harry

It has been a busy season last year, not many races were sailed, but who can say, not counting Mike Slade and Niklas Zennström, that their yacht sailed the Sydney to Hobart and the Fastnet Race, all in one season? It was a year with a lot of logistics and trouble solving. On return from Australia, WINSOME went immediately into the […]

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Charles Boissevain

Charles Boissevain was part of the medical team on the clipper Stad Amsterdam. A ship following the route of Charles Darwin across the globe. On the 11th of November 2009, the journey had brought them to Argentina. It was that night that a car with Charles and two other crew and a friend collided with […]

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