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Sea survival and safety, a refreshing experience in Southampton

On the 11th and 12th of october part of the Winsome crew did a sea survival and safety course, or an update as they did it previously. Real English weather accompanied us across the Channel and basically throughout the whole weekend. It didn’t matter anyway as after a brief classroom session we all jumped in […]

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13 days and counting!

Just one more weekend separates us from the Valetta startline. Winsome is safe on a Malta mooring. Floris and Harry will depart 7 october with the Pilatus cargo flight  to arrive on the 8th in Malta. Coming weekend the majority of the crew will do some survival exercises in a Southampton pool and then we’re […]

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25 days until the start

Winsome is now on her way from Genoa to Valetta, Malta. The last stretch of her voyage, piggy back on Sevenstar’s BBC Greenland. Their she wil be brought to her berth, shortly after being joined by Harry and Floris who will perform a meticulous check of he old Lady to be sure Seventstar’s BBC Greenland treated […]

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