The 2016 season will be the 19th season that Harry will take WINSOME racing. Furthermore, it will celebrate her 44 birthyear! To prepare for this season, this manual was written. The manual is updated frequently, last updates were performed June 2014.

Over the past years, a lot has been learned. Skipper and crew have not only learned to race better, but also how to handle the ship and each other. By working closely together, learning from our mistakes and bettering imperfections, WINSOME rose to great heights. A number of great successes: three successive KNWV seasonal awards. Many RORC competition victories. Class victories in three successive Fastnet races. Many day victories and a class victory in the Cowes Week. Winner of the Sydney to Hobart Race 2008 in IRC4 and even more class victories followed since back on the Northern hemisphere.

Since crews keep changing, new recruitments come in and team members disappear for whatever reason, a lot of knowledge and experience was lost over the past years. This manual was made in order that acquired knowledge is maintained, new team members will more easily get to know the ropes, and all noses will point in the same direction. Certain agreements are once more clearly written down. Hopefully, not only these goals will be achieved, but also some of the fun for the forthcoming season.