Another day of preparations of Winsome at Lelystad (now including photographs)

April 2, 2008

Today, Wednesday 2nd April, we -that are Bobbie and myself- made further progress in preparing Winsome for next weekend.

The radarpole is still in a horizontal position on deck but she will hopefully be positioned tomorrow. We made quite some progress in installing items inside the boat and sorting out matters, buying some items needed and we also noted that the Genoa halyard and the spinakerpole halyard, both on portside, are either not fitted well in the mast or are going via the wrong “keerblokken” on deck. Is there anyone who remembers from which opening the spinakerboom halyard was coming. Now it comes from the second opening which is at the same time the middle opening in height i.e. the spinaker halyard comes from the forward (highest) opening whilst the Genoa halyard comes from the aft opening (lowest).


The heating on board is working. The water is running. The music is playing. The computer and Tsunamis are working. The batteries are nearly fully laden. What we are still missing are the anodes but will have another look at the hangar at EHLE.

galley.JPG saloon.JPG sunscreen.JPG

Tomorrow we will continue our job hoping we can finish it on Friday. Boj is checking upon the crew for Saturday and for Sunday. We have found sufficient bottles of sun tans for the entire season.

Best regards

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