Arrival in Medemblik

April 6, 2008

Today at 1800 we (Pieter J, Stijn, Marjolein, Robbie, Markus Bhend the Porter pilot and Edgar) arrived at Medemblik where Richard and his daughter Noah awaited us.

Nice weather, not much wind. As a matter of fact too little wind to sail well with the Cuben Fibre Genoa II, but we used the time to check matters on the boat and do some small things, to be better prepared for the first race the Y-Toren Race. Moreover we took it rather easy today. Markus Bhend sailed the boat for more than two hours and we finally agreed that sailing is not much different than flying. In both cases lift is what it is all about. In sailing no lift means not speed, in flying it means no life (..).

This week the boat will be taken care of by Jongkind c.s. whilst Freddy Franssen will pass by on Thursday to have a look at our change of halyards and at the same time at the tension of the rig in general.

Next week more information.

Post by Harry Heijst | April 6, 2008 |