2010 a nice WINSOME year

January 14, 2010

Last week we all celebrated the ending of 2009. Harry organized a nice new year’s celebration the first of January.

Looking back at 2009, we might conclude it was not a very good year for our WINSOME team. By far the most devastating was the car crash in which Charles Boissevain suffered from heavy brain injury. As we could read from the updates by Alexander, it must be unimaginable what Jan-Maarten, Alexander, Binske, of course Charles and their loved ones must go through. We wish them all a lot of strength in 2010.

Although we achieved a nice third place in the RORC Channel race and an excellent victory in the RORC Cherbourg Race, this was not good enough to do well in the season overall standings. Cowes Week was finished with a disappointing 4th place in our class and a third place within reach

We might conclude that the only thing that went really well was the preparation for the 2035 America’s Cup. In 2008 Joost Heikens and Pieter Köhne welcomed Siebe and Marlies. In 2009 Andrew became the father of Simeon and Stijn’s son Max was born in July.

As we know at least two new WINSOME kids are scheduled for 2010, but we might see some more (not by me by the way).

I would like to ask all of you to have a look at the 2010 racing programme. Could you please let me know what your intentions are?

There are two options in May. Either to sail the Vuurschepen race and the North Sea Race, or to deliver WINSOME to cowes at that time and race for the Guingand Bowl. Could you please let me know what you would prefer?

I would like to see you all this year. Again please let me know which races you would like to sail. Also, feel free to ask and bring some new Crew in… As, looking at the nearby future we foresee a shortage in young (and excellent) crew. For all of you who might know new crew. Please have them contact me.

I wish you all the best for 2010,BojFor the race programme see:    winsomeprogramme2010-blad1.pdf

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