No stones at all…

August 2, 2010

Further to Floris’ brave early morning dip into the Medina and the subsequent postponement we were finally kindly requested to come out onto the Solent and wait outside for the sea breeze to fill in. After an hour of waiting the breeze picked up a bit and the committee was able to start the first few classes. Unfortunately, the wind died again and our start was postponed. After a further period of waiting the committee called it a day – substantiating their decision with the suggestion that most sailors wanted to head for the bar anyway – and most boats turned towards Cowes. Because of our crew change we decided to use the little breeze that was left and do some training. Within fifteen minutes of the Committee’s call to cancel racing for the rest of the day the sea breeze picked up and increased to some 18 knots. Excellent conditions for some training and even been better for a race…After tidying up the boat we went out with most of the crew to watch the Extreme 40 racing and the practice starts of Team Origin and BMW Oracle Racing (see picture).However, the week continues and we will be working hard to beat our main opponents Fever, Yes, Jackaroo and Vanilla so watch this space. All the best, Joost

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