February 5, 2011

These last days Harry, Leen and Wout have flown to the UK to see how WINSOME is. She is in very capable hands at Berthon’s boatyard so most probably this is a redundant trip, on that account. Harry has shown me some pictures of the grand old lady at this stage and she is looking mighty fine. Just a quick update for those who are interested. Her curves are, once again, flawless. The flirt with another yacht during cowesweek wich ended not only with a dent on our ego but also in a disruption of WINSOME’s curves have been taken care of. I can also assure everyone that it is safe again to buy a new set of sailing trousers. The KNRM / Lifeboat stripes made of sticky sandpaper which gave our foredeck that ‘sporty -50 knots of wind- look’ are not included in the WINSOME 2011 edition.

Looking at the race schedule, I can only say that everyone is very much excited for the new season. I spoke to Boj a couple of days ago and he told me that nearly all races are fully booked. Not bad at all! I hope everyone is well and in good health, we hope to see you on the water.

Bon Vents.


Post by Joost Heikens | February 5, 2011 |