Start of the Season 2011

March 24, 2011

On the 22nd of April WINSOME will be looking for the Easter Bunny on the Solent. It will be our first day of racing this year, we’re looking forward. A good Dutch tradition is that we will be looking for colourful painted eggs, hid by the Easter Bunny…… let’s hope we will not be battling a force 6. We will be sailing in a crew configuration which will resemble the set up for Cowes Week, one can not start too early. This year Peter Morton will join our crew and take the wheel of the grand old lady. Peter Morton was our closest rival for years during Cowes Week, really giving us a run for our (Harry’s) money with his yacht ‘Salvo’. A sigh of relief when we heard the news, you can imagine. In Holland we have an old saying: if you can’t beat them, make them join you! We are very happy Peter has decided to join us and are looking forward to spending time with him on the water. Welcome aboard.

WINSOME is nearing completion again, after an overhaul at Berthon the first images are available and she is looking fine! For all who still remember her tribal colours on the foredeck, she has shed those and is restored in her former glory. We are now waiting for the engine to be refitted and then they can float her again. A small delegation will fly to Lymington and Cowes to prepare and berth her on the Medina.  All in all, it is time for everyone to get a bit restless, looking out of the window, Spring has begun without a doubt, the breeze is sufficient and the temperatures are high in the teens. Time to give up our deskjobs my friends!






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