Eight bunnies, one egg

April 26, 2011

Last weekend, Harry, Floris, Leen, Joost H., Joost D., Hidde and myself travelled to the UK to race WINSOME for the first time in 2011. Peter Morton, who we could not defeat in his SALVO last Cowes Week, has come to helm WINSOME this year for the Easter regatta, Round the Island race and during Cowes Week.

The weather was great for camping, fishing and sunbathing. Though for sailing – especially on WINSOME – there was little wind. The RORC scheduled 7 races in total, of which 6 really got underway. Due to little wind and spring tides, racing WINSOME was nerve wrecking.

The RORC Easter regatta was a highly positive experience. First of all, the Race Committee should be complimented on the fact, that they got six races going in these tough conditions. Second the RORC deserve a huge compliment for organizing a lecture on Saturday morning, while racing was postponed. Third, the one race with wind over 12 knots of breeze was ours,  We claimed victory (with a margin). This resulted in a real Easter egg at the Saturday prize giving.

Peter managed to get adapted to WINSOME (and her crew) very quickly… How nice!

As usual we used diner to discuss the day. Sailing and discussions were a little rusty at the beginning. In the end we learned a lot.

 Things we learned this weekend in random order, with source between brackets.

  • You need 12 weeks to get fit (Our friendly Yorkshire Couch) CW is only 17 weeks away! We have to work out more….
  •  Tighter mainsail leach/sheet makes more boat speed in flat water  (Eddie W-O)
  • Big boats start dropping the Genoa even before the kite is in top (Bob)
  • There is a lot of unnecessary communication on boat, which troubles the concentration (All crew)
  • Genoa tacking is much better with the pole on deck (Dantuma)
  •  The new water pump sounds like a firing squad (private observation at 02:00)
  • WINSOME and her crew can beat all other boats (whole crew’s observation)

I enjoyed sailing with this great team. I look forward to sailing with them a lot more!

To be continued, and how!


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