July 26, 2011

She is back where she belongs, in the water. After a short delay, caused by special attention needed for completing the anti fouling in places where WINSOME was strutted, WINSOME was launched today. The mast has been stepped, a new TUFF LUFF was fixed and a new stern-light was put into place. She is almost the happy old lady again. Tomorrow Harry, Niels (professional PC-12 pilot), Wout, Huib (Wout’s son, Transavia pilot), Jan Oudemans (junior professional pilot) and Leen will fly to Bembridge and travel to Lymington for a rendez-vous with a good looking WINSOME. In the meantime, Berthon will finish the rigging, do some painting on the inside and they will do a final clean up. Then -after almost a month in the sanitorium- she should be ready for racing again. Look at her, she is smiling already;


Saturday morning WINSOME and her dedicated crew (Harry, Leen, Wout, Francois, Pieter Joosse, Joost Nijhof, Jimme and Sir Peter Morton) will start for the 24 hr RORC Channel Race. With expected winds between 8 and 15 knots, it looks like a friendly start of WINSOME IV’s second life.

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