Cowes week 2011: 3 days to go!

August 3, 2011

Just three more days and Winsome will, once again, compete at Cowes Week! Although the event is over 180 years old, there is nothing old about the event. It has grown to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, sailing events in Europe. 

This year Winsome will sail in IRC 5, where we will once again meet competitors we know very well.  Adam Gosling’s ‘Yes!’, a Corby 30, is really going to given us a run for Harry’s money, and let’s not forget ‘Fever’, a J-97, performing very well these last seasons. Not sailing this year will be Salvo. Peter Morton was transfer free on the market last summer and we didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity and sign him up for Winsome. I must say, the dark blue sailing kit does look smart on him! We are all very happy to have him aboard, he is a very talented driver with a fast learning curve regarding the change he made from a light Beneteau to Winsome, well, let’s say the old lady does carry a bit more weight. Steering Winsome to a second place in our class during the Round the Island Race this year illustrates his talent. In contrast to previous seasons we will be, at least on paper, one of the faster boats in our class, this might give us an edge with our boat to fleet tactics, who knows!

This Thursday the crew will be complete and present in Cowes to do some practice runs, give Ruby some tender loving care, and drink a couple of pints (or gin and tonics) to strengthen our own ties.

Saturday is our first day of racing, you can all  follow our progress on: and of course on our own website we will try to give daily updates. We are all ecstatic about sailing these coming days, I hope we can share some of the enthousiasm with you on the site.  

Bon vents,


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