Cowes Week Carnage, day 5

August 10, 2011

Yesterday evening we were invited for a BBQ at the Goslings. A great evening with great people, despite Floris falling asleep halfway the evening and into his dessert. Pier View ended the evening after Boj stayed to turn off the lights and lock up the place after everybody left. We woke up with 23 knots of wind on the Solent the next day. This increased to 28 knots during the day. We had a good start, number 3 Jib and full Main. It was difficult to sail in these conditions, the waves were all over the place due to all the boats on the Solent. Everyone was out on the water, ranging from a 10ft laser, all IRC classes, open 60s to Rambler 100 tearing up the Solent.

For us it was important to see what Yes!, Fever, and McFly were doing as they are our main competitors at the moment. After a beat up the Solent we had our first kite ride down (nr3). Many of the boats in our class are (considerably) lighter than Winsome and in these conditions they take off and start planing. Playing catch-up every time on the beats in these conditions was the best we could do, and hopefully make less mistakes than the others.

Seven boats retired in our class, we saw broken rudders, at least 4 broken masts (Oystercatcher can forget about their Fastnet race unless anybody has a mast for a 56 footer in their shed, ready to go), carnage on the water. Without any damage we crossed the finish and finished on rating: Yes!, Boomerang, Fever, Winsome, and McFly.

Jibing after the finish we broke the downhaul and mainsheet, hmmm, rather disappointing. ¬†All will be fixed tonight, just as the number 3 jib with a broken batten, batten pocket, and leach tear………….

Satisfied with the results and day on the water we are looking forward to tomorrow. Predictions are that we will have 25 knots of wind with gusts to 35…….. More news on that tomorrow, first RORC drinks at the Castle.

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