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September 2, 2011

In preparation of the 2012 Round the Island Race, Harry, Leen, Boj and Luna went out this morning for an early expedition. At present it is astronomical low water, so an excellent oportunity to explore Varvassi’s Channel.

On 10 Februari 1947 on a perfectly clear day the Greek steamer Varvassi stranded 60 yards from the Needles Lighthouse. To read more, check this link.

Ever since she has been a hazard for yachtsmen. At Round the Island Races, boats can save a 0,4 NM detour by sailing in between Goose Rock and the last remains of the Varvassi, it’s origenal boiler. The gap in between is 60 mtrs. Besides Needles Lighthouse, there are no reference points.

Today, Luna took us down there, so we could see with our own eyes, where we have been sailing all those Round the Island races. Although the Boilers were still 40cm below the surface, they looked frightening. Leen would have loved to stand on one of the boilers, but this looked impossible.

A summit of Goose rock, was possible though. Harry moved Luna in, and Leen climed off, standing on Goose Rock.


I believe we are in special company. Who knows people who climbed Goose Rock? As in 2011 alone 524 pleople summited Mount Everest, there was probably only one person who stood on Goose Rock.

I therefore suggest, that from now on, we call it Leen Rock.


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  1. Leen Rock it is!

    by Hidde K | 04 Sep 2011 | 18:22