December 29, 2011

This year Winsome will celebrate her 40th birthday. Now it is not the kind of thing you do, to ask a lady her age, but some things in life can not pass unnoticed. It is quite an achievement for a lady of this age, not only to compete at inshores and offshores at a regular basis, but till this day she even manages to win races, on both hemispheres. An exceptional achievement. This is all thanks to the dedication of Harry, keeping this lady in ‘ship shape’ year after year. Thank you Harry, you and Winsome make it possible for a lot of enthusiastic sailors to experience and enjoy great moments on the water.

In 2012, Winsome once again will berth in the Medina at East Cowes. After her winter, staying at Berthon Boatyard, she will once again be ready to take us all out on the Solent, Channel and who knows where our next adventures will take us. The 2012 concept agenda will soon be posted on the site, please all look at your agenda’s and contact Boj to let him know what your intentions are for 2012. Some events may have several feeder races incorporated which are compulsory to sail the events (i.e. Cowes week), Boj can tell you all about it. Furthermore, some of you may have outdated pictures of yourself on the site or addresses or phone numbers which have expired. Please let me know if  these need to be changed.

Looking forward to another great season, let’s not forget to bring balloons, a birthday cake and some champagne the next time we’re on board.


Bon Vents!

Post by Joost Heikens | December 29, 2011 |