Winsome, the lady

February 26, 2012

So what does one give a lady, 40 years of age? She already is suited up with the best kevlar clothing UK-De Vries has to offer. She is crewed by a loving and devoted crew and owned by Harry, a Dutchman with a blue heart with a white stripe on it. Unlike humans, Winsome ages gracefully and remains a yacht which turns heads as she passes. Like women in general, you have to invest in her (not only time wise…) to keep her happy and satisfied. Relationships remain a difficult thing. Despite this, Harry really understands her and knows what to give her.

So this year, being a special year, Winsome is, as we write, undergoing plastic therapy, a nip and tuck. In yacht terms this means removing the antifouling, smoothing off the epoxy to make a level finish. Then she will be primed, a kind of botox treatment, before a new coating of antifouling can be applied. Furthermore, the rudder has been sanded, shaped and coated.  So now, the lady is looking fine again, but of course, she still is not happy. Despite her extensive wardrobe, she claims she has nothing to wear! What do men get women at this stage? Earrings, lingerie or basically anything as long as it costs some money. So Harry went out and got her a new spinnaker three, which is really something as the old red, white and blue spinnaker and the boom, are probably the most authentic parts of the yacht. Furthermore, he got her a new downhaul and a new genoa III, the latter I hope we will not need this Cowes week.

Leen has in the meantime flown to the UK to visit Berthon and supervise the work done. Till now, everything has been on schedule, which by itself is a great achievement. Credits to Berthon for this but also to Harry.

The first Races will be at Easter, 6-8th of April. Before that, some of the crew will go to the UK to berth Winsome on the medina and get her ready for the beginning of the season. It won’t be long now!   

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