Myth of Malham 2012

June 22, 2012

This weekend Winsome will sail another RORC race. Every year The Myth of Malham is sailed. One way or the other, it has always been a race were musto is worn all weekend. Always challenging. Starting off Cowes, Winsome will sail to the West along the shore to go around Eddystone lighthouse and sail back to Cowes. Eddystone is situated off Plymouth, stretching the race to 230 miles. It is tactically a demanding race, especially with the strong tides and tidal gates. One has to decide if sailing extra miles to get out of the tide will give you an advantage. Looking at the forecasts, it will be a close haul to the lighthouse with predicted winds up to 20-30 knots. Bottlenecks will be exiting the Solent, St Albans and Portland. Saturday the wind will decrease a bit and back, giving Winsome a nice reach back to Cowes.Just some predictions: Personally the close haul up to Eddystone will favour the larger yachts, especially if sailing far off the mainland is the way to go. However, nothing goes to windward like Winsome, especially in a breeze. On the way back, if the wind stays at a max of 15 knots, Winsome will do very well, for several reasons: 1. other lighter yachts will not be plaining as yet and 2. Ruby is onboard together with Joost D, a match made in heaven. I hope Harry will have some time to enjoy the view, however, considering all the tactical dilemma’s, I predict he will not leave his nav-station.Good luck guys, bring home a prize!Joost    

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