Winter 2012

October 26, 2012

The winter has begun, leaves are falling off the trees, and marina’s full of life in the summer are now desolate places. People tend to be more indoors, turning on the heater. With Winsome it is not any different, Floris and his parents brought the old lady to her hibernation address in Lymington. A job well done. She will be nourished and well taken care of by the yard to rise, again, to the occasion coming season, Winsome’s 41st. We’re all looking forward to yet another season.

Last season has been fantastic, like all others. We had great racing, yet again. Sailing with a fixed crew with Peter Morton driving the boat was exhilarating and brought us to another level. Boathandling was better than ever and spirits were high all season. A big thank you must go out to Harry, it is amazing what he facilitates for all of us. Every time we put foot on the island, Union road is waiting for us, Winsome is anxiously pulling on her moorings and Luna sits patiently in front of the London. Harry, thank you, from all of the crew!

On the 10th of November, some of the crew will accompany Harry to the RORC Annual Dinner and Prize giving for the 2012 season. After the prize giving, winter really kicks in and we will have to wait for Easter before Winsome will shine again on the Solent.

Do not despair, will be updated this winter. This November Harry will embark on another navigational adventure bringing him eventually to South-Africa, and back of course. It is a good thing nothing goes to windward like a Pilatus, otherwise he will not be back before Easter. We wish him a good trip and all the best. We look forward to reading about his adventures on the site.

For all our followers, thank you for reading about our days on the water. We enjoyed every moment and looked forward to posts from you all. Thank you, it has been a good season. We wish everyone a good winter and health, bon vents,


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