Myth of Malham Race 2013

May 24, 2013

This Saturday Winsome will start from Royal Yacht Squadron Line to compete in the Myth of Malham Race. It is one of the longest RORC races of the season, a 230 mile race from Cowes, round the Eddystone lighthouse and back to the Solent. A large part of the Fastnet crew will be on board the old lady, as the first part of the race is filled with strategic and tactical decisions identical to the Fastnet Race this summer with all of the different tidal issues along the headlands. Over 120 yachts have entered the race, many of which will also be competing in the Fastnet, the quality of the opposition and the route for the Myth of Malham is ideal for the crew and Winsome’s preparations.

The weather in this race dictates the results more in this race than any other. It can be extremely tough, as the competitors in last year’s race can testify. Looking at the long-term weather forecast, it looks like a northeast wind, which will suit the ‘A-sailing reaching machines’ more than us but forecasts can change and often do. Last year Winsome was one of only three yachts to complete the race, coming second overall and winning her class. So Winsome and her crew will have expectations to manage this weekend. I hope their foul weather gear is dry from last year’s trip! This year it is made extremely difficult for us as in IRC four, counting 36 yachts, proven race winners, such as Jean Yves Chateau’s Iromiguy and Noel Racine’s Foggy Dew sail as well.

Winsome, bon vents and keep your sailors safe this weekend.



Post by Joost Heikens | May 24, 2013 |