Cowes Week 2013

August 1, 2013

This Saturday Aberdeen Asset managment Cowes Week 2013 will begin. A great week of racing with many yachts competing. Seven days of racing around the cans on one of the best known pieces of water in the world. ¬†Racing is expected to be close, as always in IRC during cowes week, however, weather does favour certain yachts. Let’s hope we get lucky this week. The crew this year has no suprises except one, Peter Morton is trying to win Cowes Week this year driving his own yacht Salvo! We do wish him all the best and hope to meet him and his family this week, on and off the water.

Harry will navigate us through the Solent, Floris and Hidde will untangle all the lines from last weekends racing on the foredeck and stay there the rest of the week. Leen, Boj, Dantuma and Heikens will do the cockpit and then we have Laura, a new name and face!

Laura Dillon wil drive Winsome this year, we wish to welcome her and are very happy that such a talented sailor wants to join a bunch of Dutch sailors on the Solent. Let’s not forget Sophie, she keeps a watchful eye over us to see we stay in line and last but not least ¬†we have Nijhof, a man of many trades. He is our car driver, Sally, cook, rib driver, does public relations in the evening (on his own account) and hopes to get an interview one of these days as harbour master. That sums it up, it looks like we are ready again this year for some great sailing. Friday will be our last day of training, we are all looking forward to Saturday, our first race day.

We will keep you posted on a daily basis.

Bon vents,


Post by Joost Heikens | August 1, 2013 |


  1. ……..go for it Winsome……..
    win some! ……….m

    by michiel irish' Stephenson | 02 Aug 2013 | 07:47
  2. Dear crew,

    Good luck! You can do it!


    by Mieke | 02 Aug 2013 | 13:51
  3. Heel veel succes Harry en crew. Groeten van je moeder en Claar

    by Je moeder | 02 Aug 2013 | 17:42