Cowes Week starts in one day

August 2, 2013

Today we woke up with a drizzle, fog and for those sleeping on Winsome with a wet deck. Louis was snorring al night, keeping all the ambitious sailing crew awake all night. We went out and during the day the sun came out and we had a great day on the water. We practiced windward/leewards, drops and starts. We are ready for racing.

Tonight we will all go to bed early so we will be fully prepared fot our first day of racing. Hidde was selected to hand in a portion of urine, just to check for epo or other kinds of illegal drugs that will make a sailboat go faster. Good thing we have our boatlawyer on board and Boj will be on the protest committee on Saturday, so I think we’re covered there.

Sophie got dedicated rib-driving lessons today as Harry’s rib has a surplus of power en hence speed, she is now our designated rib driver. One more night separates us from our preparations and the racing, maybe we’ll just drink just one pint in the Pier View tonight to celebrate the occasion……….

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  1. Hi guys on winsome,from as
    The Maltese Islands we wish you good sailing and good luck,Maltese friends.

    by marmifm | 03 Aug 2013 | 07:36