News from on board Winsome III

August 15, 2013

Yesterday, Tuesday the race continued. Business as usual. Watches of 4 hours in day time, 3 hours in night time. At 0200 UTC we covered 237 Nm, already 15 Nm less than Foggy Dew. It looks we cannot keep pace with Noel Racine and his crew. I personally had the feeling that speeds recorded in the instruments are less than usually, but perhaps we have to attribute this idea to a false feeling because we are not sailing in front of our Class IRC-4. I asked already if we perhaps would have been running into some fish nets (?). The rudder is behaving fine, the sails are looking in good shape, the crew is alert and the food is excellent.

 Weather predictions would be a backing wind in the Celtic Sea to SW 4-5.

 During this day both Foggy Dew and Wasabi have enlarged their lead on us, to such an extent that we must consider them lost for this Fastnet Race i.e. we will not be able to beat them this time unless one of them would hit one of the rocks around Bishop Rock something which we not even hope for. They are good boats and fair competitors. Another year will be for us perhaps. Still I have not discounted Iromiguy though really very far behind us. Jean Yves may have another rabbit in his hat, Let us wait and see.

 In the early evening we made an unwanted tack and the spreader made a hole just behind the patch of Genoa. A minus point for our sailmaker, the patch simply being too short but it is not the time to argue this issue right now. Reima, our Finnish ex-sailmaker made a quick repair and the Genoa worked after that fine again. I am not sure if I can get two photographs over from my phone but if so you will find them here below.

During this race we sometimes talk about other matters than only this race. One of the bits and pieces was that Reima may not be in a position to sail Winsome in the Sevenstar Brittain & Ireland Race 2014 and that Floris is looking for a job on super yacht after this season for 12 months to earn some money during a break in his medical study. If this is correct than Winsome will not be able to participate. Richard is still struggling with his back and I will be then nearly 70 years. Not a problem perhaps but I do not intend to copy either Piet Vroon nor Ken Newman. Jan and Pieter (van Balkom) be forewarned, we will find another race perhaps Cowes-Dinard starting 11th of July or the Rolex China Sea Race in April or the Middle Sea Race in October. Thus some thought for food.

Both Piet and Ken are sailing the present Rolex Fastnet race. Great ambassadors for our sailing sport. Piet on board of his Ker 46, Tonnerre de Breskens, and Ken on board of his usual Swan 46 called Marinero, owned by David Gower. Ken is in good company of Andy Cassell who helmed Winsome succesfully in several Cowes Weeks and Round the Island Races. I wonder how Ken and Andy will survive such a long period without any drop of alcohol on board. Time will tell.

 In spite of the fact that we have no chance to win this race anymore, we are having a good time and nice sailing.

 Will be continued.


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