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August 15, 2013

Finally, on Wednesday 14th of August at 0345 UTC,  we rounded the Fastnet Rock, or is it called nowadays Rolex Fastnet Rock? We rounded it rather close, much closer than many of our competitors, I could observe on AIS, but not as close as Rambler in 2011 (?), so our keel did not get into any danger of hitting a rock. I tried to catch a glimpse of the beam of the Light house. Have a look what we did see in a pitch dark night with fog creating bad visibility.

We rounded the spreader mark Pantaenius. I am content having contributed to the cost of their buoy via my insurance premium, paid to them for Winsome. Because of the newly dictated Traffic Separation Schemes [TSS], areas we may not enter, we encountered boats like the old Gaff Yawl DUET coming up North to round the Rolex (?) Rock [RR] since they kept the TSS at the RR on starboard. In my view the Pantaenius spreader buoy should be moved a couple of Miles to the West in order to be effective. New rules need to be accompanied by a new route in this case. Same may apply for the passage of Lands End on our way to the RR. Looks like some homework is awating the Racing Committee of RORC. The most expensive option would be to reposition the RR. The easiest, but certainly the least attractive, would be to replace RR by Wolf Rock.

We then negotiated Bishop Rock by passing it at less than 0,3 Nm (on the correct side). The beam of the light house looked frightening in (again) pitch dark night. Winsome is now looking not exactly as when we started.

Sometimes we need a small nap. One time I did it on deck, functioning simply as deadweight to assist the helmsman not to broach under spinnaker. If I remember well the photo was taken between Pantaenius and Bishop Rock.

Again we never could make good speed with Winsome until we rounded Bishop Rock and came into flatter water. Now it feels we have good speed but there is no chance anymore for an even acceptable score. Sailing is different from a TT Race. We will have to lick our wounds in Plymouth. When writing this blog we are only 27 Nm away from the finish. Two years ago we thought in this position that we had won our Class but then all of a sudden the wind dropped and kept us floating for more than 6 hours.

Already now I wish to congratulate Foggy Dew with their victory. Bien fait Noel Racine et votre equipage. On se verra a Plymouth dans un bar ou restaurant! Big boys do not cry so let us celebrate, in the proper manner, the victory of the best in this race. Will be continued after we have finished. Thanks to our supporters having read our blogs. The Winsome tea spoon will be sent to you soon.

Harry Heijst

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