English – Dutch crew and some language difficulties

December 13, 2013

For al those people who have always enjoyed reading the blogs and think we are just out there having a good time, this is true. However, it is not always easy to make yourself understood as interpretation varies between those from the (big) island and those from the mainland. This summer we explained what Dunglish was, now it is time to talk about the little differences that make life hilarious but sometimes challenging aswell:

British say: I hear what you say
British mean: I disagree and don’t want to discuss it any further
Dutch understand: He accepts my point of view

British say: With the greatest respect…
British mean: I think you are a fool
Dutch understand: He’s listening to me

British say: That’s not bad
British mean: That’s very good
Dutch understand: That’s poor or mediocre

British say: Quite good
British mean: A bit disappointing
Dutch understand: Quite good

British say: I would suggest…
British mean: Do it or be prepared to justify yourself
Dutch understand: Think about the idea but do what you like

British say: Oh, by the way…
British mean: The primary purpose of this discussion is..
Dutch understand: This is not very important

British say: I was a bit disappointed that…
British mean: I’m most upset and cross
Dutch understand: It doesn’t really matter…

British say: Very interesting..
British mean: I don’t believe you…
Dutch understand: They are impressed

British say: I’ll bear it in mind
British mean: I will do nothing about it
Dutch understand: They will probably do it

British say: I’m sure it’s my fault
British mean: It’s your fault!
Dutch understand: It was their fault!

British say: That’s an original point of view
British mean: You’re an idiot
Dutch understand: They like my ideas!

British say: You’ll get there eventually
British mean: You don’t stand a chance in hell
Dutch Understand: Keep on trying, for they agree I’m on the right track

With this knowledge and Dunglish being spoken most of the time, it’s a miracle we even get the fok up………

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Post by Joost Heikens | December 13, 2013 |


  1. These are brilliant. Many Brits need these translations themselves!

    by AJMCIRV | 13 Dec 2013 | 19:19
  2. Leuk overzicht Joost.
    Maar het blijft:

    Rare jongens, die Britten.

    Vrij naar Asterix en Obelix.

    by Sjeef | 17 Dec 2013 | 08:53