Myth of Malham Race 2014

May 26, 2014

(delayed posting)

The photographs show moments one hour after the start resp. when rounding the Eddy Stone Rock.


This time most of the deficiencies were taken care of, so we had a working waterpump [Berthon], a working Deckman on our new Tough-Book-Panasonic [Pieter Köhne assisted very nicely by Robert Langford-Wood], protection on the stays [Berthon] , a working B&G FFD [Wroath], a new appearance of the transome and last but not least we started to work with Expedition introduced to us by Wouter Verbraak.

With Leen on the helm we started one second after the gun and we had a good go to the Needles carrying Genoa II. We changed to Genoa II in the Needles Channel, i.e. the passage after passing Hurst Castle-Fort Albert, between the Shingles and the Isle of Wight. The wind stayed around 22 knots but increased later to 26 knots. Heavy seas, very unpleasant sailing. Half the crew became ill, including myself. This situation lasted until we rounded the Eddystone Rock. The boats we did see pass close to Bill of Portland (unfortunately Professor Köhne did not succeed at that moment to have installed AIS) must have had the unpleasant experience that the wind in Lyme Bay, as predicted by our new friends of Navimail so we guess we have left them behind us at that part of the race.

The seas were quite high after rounding Eddystone Rock so that we did not dare to hoist a spinaker until after Start Point. We did the with a wind speed of 22 knots and 2 meter high waves. We just managed it and Leen who started on the helm made no mistake. On hind side one could say we could possibly have hoisted our Spinnaker III half an hour earlier.

After 6-7 hours the weather got better, the sun showed its mild side and the entire crew got better resp. happy again.

As for myself I considered to cancel all my appointments for next week, to become member of a chess club and biljart club and defer my sailing activities somewhat. Now 12 hours I reconsider all these thoughts.

On the moment I am writing this blog, we are in a strange situation: 8,6 Nm away from North Head Buoy with a dying wind and with a favourable tide, which will turn against us in about one
hour. If we do not make North ahead Buoy in time, we will be faced with a big problem. That may mean to anchor for 4-6 hours to pass the channel at Hurst Castle, where the tide will be 2-3 knots and the wind perhaps only 5 knots. Not an exciting idea, but we are dependent of Aeolus now and we have no one on board willing to be sacrified to please Aeolus. We are is his good hands.

Since we got access to AIS some two hours ago we only know that ANNIKA is just ahead of us. We did see IROMIGUY 13 Nm after we rounded Eddystone Rock. This looks good but we all know that Jean Yves Chateau always carries a hat wit some intelligent rabbits on board so we have to wait and see which rabbit he pulls this time.

I am ending this blog without knowing the end result, like an Agatha Christie story. We have no idea for instance how FOGGY DEW sailed this time.

In one or two days I will write the end of this thriller. Best regards to all our competitors.

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  1. Well done boys,third place,not bad!


    by Mieke | 26 May 2014 | 19:26