13 days and counting!

October 5, 2014

Just one more weekend separates us from the Valetta startline. Winsome is safe on a Malta mooring. Floris and Harry will depart 7 october with the Pilatus cargo flight  to arrive on the 8th in Malta. Coming weekend the majority of the crew will do some survival exercises in a Southampton pool and then we’re off!

A record breaking number of entrants have registered this year, 133 yachts from around the globe will appear at the start line. 28 of these yachts sail the race in IRC 5. Winsome sails in IRC 5 as well as you’d figured.   During the race, daily updates will be put on the site, a gps tracker will be fitted on Winsome so you can see our progress to the field. If all fails you can also use the tracker on the Winsome site. We’re all looking forward, we hope you are too!

Post by Joost Heikens | October 5, 2014 |