Startline information and how to follow Winsome

October 17, 2014

Just one more day and we’re off. Big compliments go out to Harry and Floris who have prepared the boat in such a meticulous manner and perfect timing that all work is done. We had a safety briefing today after lunch and we are ready to go. If you can have a look at the jetty, you schooled picture 40 yachts all tied to the jetty with most of their gear on the jetty. People are climbing in rigs, walking around with sails and doing who knows what. Winsome is patiently lying in between all these (rather fast and big) sailing yachts with her covers on, clean and tidy, ready to go. Thank you Harry and Floris.

So now for the race, here are some details and links on how to follow us and read how we are coping.

We start tomorrow and the first start at 11.ooh is ours.123 yachts will pass the line, 23 (class IRC 5) immediately with us at 11.00h. The start will be tricky, as there is hardly any wind and Winsome is not known to be a light displacement yacht. However, once we are out of the Grand Harbour, it should be a lot better.  At 10 minute intervals all other classes will start, so the first hour we will have all the larger yachts overtaking us.

After the start, we will settle into the watch system, between 8-20.00h we will rotate every 4 hours and during the night every 3 hours. This we will keep up for at least 606 miles. Wheatherwise it looks light for the first couple of days and after that, who knows.



The easiest way to follow the fleet is via the Rolex Middle Sea Race site, which will have coverage throughout the race.

Latest news updates, press releases and positions as well as information from the race course can be found on the site.


Winsome is carrying an online tracker, sending a signal every now and then to the race office who will show our progress on the site. Click on the link and follow us. You can even follow us during the night, I would advise an 3 hour watch system with your partner, so no surprises in the morning in our standings.

Watch the Rolex Middle Sea Race online with the fleet tracker. YB trackers are fitted to every yacht so you can see each boat’s position along the course. View by class (Winsome sails in IRC 5) or select your favourites to follow your friends and family, check out boat speeds and weather conditions in real time.

iPhone and Android users can download the app: ybraces at their app store for a small charge from YB Tracking.

You can also follow us using the winsome site. On the right side of your screen there is a heading ‘Where is Winsome’. Below is a subheading ‘Winsome tracking’. Click on this (or use this link: and you will see Winsome in the med. However I do advice you to use the link, as you can see how we do, related to all the other yachts.

Post by Joost Heikens | October 17, 2014 |


  1. Lieve Harry veel succes wens ik jullie en goede vaart liefs van je moeder

    by Je moeder | 17 Oct 2014 | 18:50
  2. Heel veel succes heren en dame! Aan de voorbereiding kan het niet meer liggen, dit moet helemaal goed komen!

    Groeten uit de UB, Joost

    by Joost N | 18 Oct 2014 | 13:41
  3. Joost van harte gefeliciteerd en allen veel sukses en goede vaart, geniet van je vulkanen tocht; in plaats van vuurwerk een extra lichtende uitspuwing voor de jarige! Jeannette & Geert Tom

    by GTHeikens | 19 Oct 2014 | 08:55
  4. Lieve allemaal wij leven met jullie mee Eerste “slag” is een daalder waard Mooi gedaan Liefs van je moeder

    by Mama | 19 Oct 2014 | 10:52