Not paying Pantellaria a visit this time

October 25, 2016

Day 4 of the RMSR has almost come to an end.
Yesterday the WINSOME RMSR 2016 cheerleading team (Sarai and Babette) made it home safely after a long delay in Malta. They are now joining us in following WINSOME’s every move during the last 200NM.
As we are writing this short update, WINSOME is about 20NM north of Pantellaria, the friendly Italian island where we sought and found shelter 2 years ago when we were in the middle of 55kts winds. But paying the island a visit this time is not on the agenda and tonight WINSOME will go where it has not gone before: off to Lampedusa and then finishing the RMSR in Malta.

Fortunately the conditions are nothing like RMSR 2014, however, the lighter winds north of Sicily split the fleet in IRC 6 in two and unfortunately these conditions were not in favor of WINSOME, losing significantly to the leaders who are currently almost 80NM ahead, leaving WINSOME in the 13th place in IRC 6. But we are confident WINSOME’s crew also keeps this years Cowes week in mind! Final ranking is at the finish, and not a mile earlier. Still anything can happen.

Joost Dantuma and Hidde Kroon



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