End of Cowes Week 2017 and Beginning of Fastnet 2017

August 5, 2017

Cowes Week 2017 is now finished. We all had a great week and well done to the Winsome Cowes Week 2017 Crew. Harry did an excellent job navigating us around the Solent, Leen doing mainsheet, Boj doing tactics and pitt, Joost and DJ trimming, Joost N on mast, Herman and Joost grinding and helping with trim, Floris on the bow and finally, Laura helming. We all had a great week and would like to thank Harry for a very enjoyable Cowes Week 2017.

We won our class (Class 5) and were delighted with our results throughout the week. Well done to Hakuna Matata (No Worries!) and Induljence that finished 2nd and 3rd in Class 5.

We finished 3rd in the Black Group overall. Congratulations to Whopper form Class 6 and Gladiator from Class 0, that finished 1st and 2nd in Black Group Overall.

We had some nice celebrations after the prize giving, to celebrate our win and to prepare for the Fastnet 2017 race!

We wish the Winsome crew (Harry, Leen, Reima, Richard, Peter, DJ, Joost N and Floris) the very best of luck in the Fastnet 2017 and we hope that they will have good sailing, fair winds and a very enjoyable race! Final preparations, weather routing and final planning are now all in full swing and nearly concluded! The Winsome support team will watch the start tomorrow morning at 11.20am from Luna (the Winsome rib!).

Good luck and enjoy and thanks Harry for a very enjoyable Cowes Week 2017! And we look forward to Cowes Week 2018 and the rest of the 2017 sailing season.


Post by Boj | August 5, 2017 |


  1. Congratulations on a great win this Cowes week and good luck for the Fastnet! The fracker is installed and will follow every Winsome’s moves from down under also. Hope to see you all for great racing during CW 2018!

    by Hidde kroon | 06 Aug 2017 | 01:41
  2. Congratulations to the whole crew for an outstanding Cowes Week! And now full pace ahead to the Fastnet. Good luck and enjoy!

    by Lennard Pigeaud | 06 Aug 2017 | 05:55
  3. Great result Team Winsome and all the best from Team Larry especially for the Fastnet.

    by Andrew McIrvine | 06 Aug 2017 | 08:35
  4. Great result!
    And I promise we did our best to make it less great :-),
    but you were the undoubtful best
    Now I am stuck on my computer on Fastnet tracking (not that windy at the moment apparently)
    good luck to you all

    jf & the Hakuna team

    by jf nouel | 07 Aug 2017 | 19:37
  5. Congratulations, all of you!! A fantastic Class 5 win.
    And currently doing very well in the Fastnet, I see. Wishing you good sailing xx

    by Angela | 08 Aug 2017 | 09:04
  6. Potverdikkeme, dat is mooi werk Winsome!!

    by Otto Heijst | 08 Aug 2017 | 13:54
  7. Job well done; Winners do it!

    by Michiel de Ru | 08 Aug 2017 | 20:52
  8. gefeliciteerd, heel goed.
    chris van den bol

    by chris van den bol | 09 Aug 2017 | 12:42