Almost a perfect day

August 7, 2018

Sunday 5th August; Race 2

As the race committee had information from the weather goddesses (whom we would actually meet later that day) that the wind would be dying in the afternoon, they set out a short course.

We had almost a perfect start at the Bramble starting line, a beat towards our first mark; North Ryde Middle. De difficult part was, that for current is was better to start at the North end of the line, but the Southern end of the line would be closer to the wind. We decided to -and executed- to start in the middel of the line to keep our options open. We played the shift and the current over the Ryde Middle Bank and as Harry called an excellent layline; we were second at the first real windward mark; Mother Bank.

A sort downwind to NE Ryde middle bank with an absolute perfect Set and a very skewed beat towards Mother Bank again. Not much to gain or loose. The the real fight came up. Swuzzlebubble, Excitable and Winsome were the first three boats and swapped placed on the downwind to the finish via Goodall Roofing. We were late with the jibe to Goodall Roofing and therefore lost a place to Xcitable. Luckily Swuzzlebubble was even later an therefor on the last reach towards the finish line it was Winsome, Swuzzlebubble and Xcitable fighting for first gun, being hunted by three J-boats with a-symetrical kites planing in 13 Kts towards the finish to beat either Winsome and/or Ecitable on handicap.

For our morale it was great that Laura and the trimmer fought for their lives to get the first gun; we beat Xcitable by 4 seconds and Swuzzlebubble by 10 seconds. On corrected time unfortunately the planing Nightjar and Blackjack were able to beat both WINSOME and Xcitable. We were 4th and Xcitable was 5th.

A great day of racing on the Solent!

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