June 12, 2020

With Cowes Week 2020 officially cancelled and the 2020 RORC-season for sure not starting before the Channel Race, all hopes for a rewarding 2020 WINSOME sailing season have faded. We are keeping the Old Lady ‘mothballed’ until September, and probably until Spring 2021.

The view from Tim’s Office

Tim Hare with his staff form Berthon and the great guys from A+T will maken sure the Old Lady will be fully in shape, for after the ‘Big Reset’.

‘Our’ Admiral could all see it coming, when we were still turning the COVID-19 pandemic a blind eye.

Hope you alle keep yourself up-to sailing shape with the RORC ‘time over distance’ series, the Vendée and the various webinars organised by hotshots.

All the best,


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