Cowes Week 2022, Race 2

July 31, 2022

First of all, I would like to thank Sophie and Harry for all the great preparations and the hospitality this week. 

Today we had a lovely day of sailing on the Solent. The breeze was between 18-22kts with gust up to 25kts. We started of the committee boat line just on the north side of Cowes. 

We had a magnificent start of to the west of the Solent. Due to the well set-up instruments of Harry, just before the start Boj and Laura were able to figure out that the pin end of the line was fourteen boat lengths bias compared to the committee boat. We went down to the pin end of the line and started on port tack and crossed in front of the whole fleet and led the race. As we are the highest rated boat in our class (IRC 5) we should (if we want to win) be leading the fleet.

We went tacking along the north shore to stay out of the tide with the Genoa III. After a 3,5-mile downwind leg we went up to another windward mark to finish the race, after a short fetch across the Solent to the finish line near the RYC. By then the tide was 3-4kts against us, so we sailed closely to the beach so we could nearly high-five the people on the beach, just after passing Egypt point. We had the gun, however two boats beat us on handicap today, so a well-deserved third place.

Thank to our fan team on the Luna today we had some great footage of the race. Looking forward to another day of racing tomorrow. The forecast for tomorrow will be light. 


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  1. Your fans had a great day thanks to you all!

    by Joost&Mariëlle | 01 Aug 2022 | 21:41