2024 Anticipation

December 6, 2023

Please find attached the programme for 2024. We look forward to racing the Old Lady again in 2024. Both the Old Lady and her crew are aging. Although both boat and crew age at the same speed, one of them just doesn’t show. Therefore, we decided not to enter any of the long off shore races for 2024.

We will most definitely sail the RYS members’ regatta. Only if there is sufficient good crew, we will sail the British Classic Week, which would be a novum. As it is not possible to do both British Classic Week and the RORC Channel Race, we will decide well in advance which one of these events WISNOME will show up at. 

Please let us know your thoughts and intentions, so we can start with the anticipation -prejoy in proper Dunglish- of 2024. All info is welcome; races you definitely can do, definitely can’t do, consider doing and weather we can put you up for the ‘get WINSOME from France in Spring’ squad.


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