luna’s manual


Check tube and inflate to the correct pressure if necessary

Place RORC, RLYC and Dutch flag

Check oil and fuel level and refill if necessary

Check if RIB is dry and clean. Dry and clean, if necessary

Unlock cable

Place Man-over-Board-eye/cable in switch and lock switch

Check position Throttle (exactly in the middle)

Put Engine in right position in the water

Start engine, make sure key returns in previous position so that starting motor is switched off. Please read instructions given by Clare Lallow’s to avoid damaging the starting motoragain:

“I have contacted the engineer and he has renewed the starting motor, the old one was not repairable.  Due to the fact that the key was stuck in the “on” position for some time after the engine was running it had overheated and burnt out the windings and cracked the armature.  The engineer has looked at the key start mechanism which needed flushing because of salt deposits within the mechanism.  He has flushed it out and sprayed it with lubricant and does not see any need to renew the switch.  I therefore think it would be a good idea to spray this mechanism say on a monthly basis to prevent the same problem reoccurring.” 


Check position Throttle (exactly in the middle)

Switch off engine

Check oil and fuel level and refill if necessary

Check if RIB is dry and clean. Dry and clean, if necessary

Put engine in the out-of-the-water position

Unlock switch and take Man-over-Board-eye/cable from switch

Take off RORC, RLYC and Dutch flag and put them in plastic box under driver’s seat

Lock cable

Check  mooringlines and make sure springs are properly positioned

Say fare well to LUNA, give her a kiss and a slap on her fine … and ask her to behave during our absence.

Place keys in Winsome’s Cottage immediately on your right side on the coat and hat rack when entering the house or leave them with East Cowes Marina, as the situation dictates. (there is already a key with Clare Lallow’s) 

Amsterdam, 24th of July 2011