Planning and preparation

March 15, 2008

WINSOME is now in Lelystad at Rob Fritz’s getting ready for 2008. Some of the gear is still at Theun’s, but most of the sails and other equipment is now placed in Lelystad together with the Hokus Pokus. For 2008 a new Genua I M-H, II and III will be made by ‘de Vries Sails’ from now on also known as UK-de Vries sails. Andy will make us a brand new Spi I and II.
So there is no doubt that sails and boat will be in great shape in 2008.

Crew and accommodation; from next year on we will be able to use our own pink house at No 10 Union Road in Cowes. ‘LUNA’ will be ready to take us to WINSOME any time.

In 2007, after years of victories, hardly any races were won, with the exception of some day wins during Skandia Cowes Week. The crew did not ‘match’ at Skandia Cowes week, but lowest point was probably not starting in the RORC Rolex Fastnet race. There is no use in getting this ‘old cow out of the ditch’ over and over again, but some things on board resp. in the origanisation might change to avoid these situations in the future. We are working on a WINSOME manual where everything will be explained.

Although I know next season might still seem far-far away, next year’s programme is attached to this e-mail. It would be nice if you would let me or Harry -or both of us- know what your intentions are for next season. A more serious final list will not be made before March, but it would be nice to know just where we stand with crew.

It is great to get WINSOME ready with as many people as possible and to do some training on the IJsselmeer early in the season. After terrible light-air-big-sea races the last couple of years, we are not intending to race the inshore races off shore at Scheveningen. May be, for instance if it would turn out we win both the Vuurschepen Race and the RORC North Sea Race, we can form an ‘ad hoc’ crew, let’s see.

For 2008 Cowes week François, Hendrik, Boj, Pieter, Harry and Andy are remaining from last year, so they will race again. Nicolaas Hoek en Joost Heikens have serious intentions in joining them so it looks like there is already now a complete crew however without any reserves as yet. As august 2008 is still far away, please feel free to line up as well. François might meet the love of his life in Autralia, Hendrik might be placed in Ouagadugu for Philips, Boj might be indispensable in his hospital, Pieter might have to rebuild his new house and Andy might prefer to race in a Laser, so….
Keep in mind that the Cowes Week crew is expected to sail also the RORC IRC Championships and to attend the two training days prior to the start of the 2008 Cowes Week.

Anyway show your intentions or ideas. If some of you know new good crew, please contact me or Harry, or again both of us. It would be nice to sail around on the IJsselmeer with some new ones.

Kind regards,


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