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Cowes Week 2022, day 6

Today we won not only on the water (6th time), but also on rating (2nd time). It was a perfect race for us, no mistakes were made. Winsome crossed the Solent like a dolphin. Leen was the only one who observed that our course was shortened at the sailing mark The Boss. Without his observation we would have […]

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Getting closer to Cowes Week 2022

In 2020 and 2021 we were not able to sail our favourite race. During my three days absence, I returned with Leen to Cowes on Thursday. Exactly on that day Winsome was launched again from the Medina Yard. Gavin Tappenden did a good job and brought her hull again in order. On the day of […]

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Squadron Members’ Regatta 8-10 July 2022

During the marriage of Joost and Christien we sailed the Squadron Members’ Regatta, of course in Cowes. Leen, D-J, Lennard, Geoff, François van Vliet and two new kids on the block: Lex van Dam friend of D-J and Louis van Roosendaal, son of Sophie. In the first two races we arrived much too late at […]

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