I have arrived Brisbane…

November 28, 2008

I have arrived Brisbane on Thursday midnight. Today Friday we have had a look at Winsome now under repairs at Rivergate Marina. When leaving the dock a couple of days ago, the tide took Winsome and helmsman by surprise and created a small collision with some heavy steel pillars. A couple of dents in the hull on port side were the result. The dents have been taken out partially, but the rest must be plastered and this will take approximately 5 to 7 days. At the same some necessary repairs under water will be taken care of, whilst a double antifouling will be put on here as well. The mast and winches have been serviced by Theun and Rene. All what we can do is wait for the repairs to be finished. The customs were impossible and threatened to board Winsome with dogs but on Wouter’s remark that the dogs would not be able to leave the boat any more after she was in dock they gave up this idea. They have given their best efforts in trying to completely dismantle Winsome’s upholstery, but thanks to her sturdy construction they finally gave up and instead proceeded with tapping with a hammer all of the wooden parts of the interior. After a lot of hours they had to admit they could not find anything really wrong except the large amount of wood in the interior upholstery. They again mentioned the dogs, saying they had to take it up with their supervisor. End verdict: no dogs, green light to go in Australia wherever we want to. Our arrival at Sydney NSW will certainly be delayed to say 10th of December so Indi will have to make all kinds of rearrangements with hotels, with the marina and with the suppliers of work and material. We are on track and nearly on schedule.sidneyhobart005.jpgsidneyhobart004.jpgsidneyhobart003.jpgsidneyhobart0011.jpg

Post by Harry Heijst | November 28, 2008 |


  1. Dat is balen, hoop dat snel weer in orde is.

    by Leo | 29 Nov 2008 | 09:36
  2. keep on smiling, no worries and good luck!


    by ton spel | 29 Nov 2008 | 15:22