The continuing story of Winsome’s repairs at Brisbane

December 2, 2008

In order to kill some time we have visited Byron Bay, the most Easterly point of Australia. Looking at the map they may be correct. See photographs taken.

The next day we visited Binna Burra, an almost exotic place high in the mountains. We tried to photograph some small Kangeroos. See photo’s (or to follow)

This morning we visited like every day Winsome. The painters, doing a wonderfull job, have finished  the filling of the dents and have finished the sanding of the hull and started to put four layers of primer on the hull. Simulatneously they work on the underwaterpart of the hull. Tomorrow Wednesday they will continue with more layers of primer and as soon as possible or practicable thereafter, they will spray the first layer of paint on the hull.

Hopefull all will be done on Friday afternoon, in spite of a layday caused by predicted heavy winds on Wednesday, in which case Saturday will be used entirely to let the paint and antifouling dry properly. We have ordered launching of Winsome for Sunday together with a crane to place the mast, so at the very best we will be able to leave Brisbane by Monday 8th of December in order to arrive just before Robbie and Majo at Sydney NSW. This morning, Tuesday, PINTA-M left Brisbane with Herman Blei and Peter XX on board however they have decided for a rather dangerous route via inland channels, so we will have to see who will arrive earlier in Sydney NSW>

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will fly to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef since we are idling here anyway and return Friday night.

Will continue to provide information and photo’s on a regular basis.


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  1. From all the team at millennium marine and rivergate marina we thank you for being good customers and hope that your team on windsome will have a safe race and win the sydney to hobart. merry christmas

    by dino@mma | 07 Dec 2008 | 01:40